6′ Watergarden w/ Bronze Mirror Waterfall


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  • The 6′ Watergarden with Bronze Mirror catches the eye immediately with its weathered stone look and its huge tempered bronze mirror. Add the water washing gently down the mirror and you’ve got a display that will be absolutely irresistible to your guests. In an indoor environment, this fountain can cleanse and humidify the air while the sound cleanses the stress of the day from your mind. If you choose to place one of these water fountains outdoors, it will be the majestic focal point of your garden or landscape. 

    Installing this beauty is no trouble at all; in fact it should take you no more than half an hour and does not require any special tools. You can accent the basin by putting in the silk plants that are included with the fountain, or you can add your own. Our fountain also has an accent light to make sure that it remains the center of attention, even in the dark. 


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