Acrylic 42” Screen


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It is often expensive to buy new office furniture for your growing team. It can change the entire layout of your office and can make it appear crowded. There is a way to achieve more workspace without buying new desks. By investing in acrylic screens from the Variant Collection by OfficeSource, this problem can be solved much more economically. In addition to the extra space, these acrylic screens are an excellent way to provide much needed privacy to employees. Having one’s own workstation can also have a great impact on the overall productivity of the employee, and acrylic screens are a great way to separate workstations for employees. These acrylic screens can also improve workflow, as their height makes it easy for employees to interact with others without getting disturbed or distracted. These screens are designed with high quality acrylic finish and can fit into every type of office layout easily.
Non-Toxic = Yes
Fade Resistant = Yes
Odor Resistant = Yes
Rust Resistant = Yes
Stain Resistant = Yes
Water Resistant = Yes
Mildew Resistant = Yes
Scratch Resistant = Yes
Environmentally Friendly = Yes

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Weight 7.65 lbs
Dimensions 16.34 × 1566 × 5.12 in



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