Fabric 30” Screen


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Making the office furniture and environment appealing for the people who work there can really help with work flow. Using fabric screens can make your workplace function as a place where employees can put up personal belongings and decorate their respective desks with items that reflect their personalities. A workplace that requires a constant flow of creativity cannot function well if it follows a dull colored theme. For employees to stay high spirited and in the mood for working, putting up these fabric screens from OfficeSource can help them focus more and look forward to coming to work. Notice boards are a key element of office furniture, and instead of using boring colors and unappealing screens, choose nicely colored screens like these to light up the office in the best way.
Non-Toxic = Yes
Fade Resistant = Yes
Odor Resistant = Yes
Rust Resistant = Yes
Stain Resistant = Yes
Water Resistant = Yes
Mildew Resistant = Yes
Scratch Resistant = Yes
Environmentally Friendly = Yes

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 31.89 × 1536 × 0.98 in



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