Fabric 54” Screen


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The furniture and surroundings of an office should inspire employees to work harder. It should also be comfortable for the people working in the office. In a place where constant idea generation is needed, these fabric screens by OfficeSource will help to add color to the working environment. All offices that incorporate idea generation and promote creativity have plenty of colors embedded in their furniture and surroundings. Besides the visual appeal, fabric screens also serve the purpose of providing separation between desks, and allow notices to be put up and desks to be decorated. Fabric screens are an essential part of office furniture, and since they are available in many different colors, they can really help in improving the look of an office.
Non-Toxic = Yes
Fade Resistant = Yes
Odor Resistant = Yes
Rust Resistant = Yes
Stain Resistant = Yes
Water Resistant = Yes
Mildew Resistant = Yes
Scratch Resistant = Yes
Environmentally Friendly = Yes

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Weight 13.67 lbs
Dimensions 55.51 × 1566 × 0.98 in



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