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  • Our Water Wonders fountain line combines natural elements with modern technology to bring nature’s majesty indoors. The Double Nojoqui Falls wall fountain is named after the beautiful 164 foot tall waterfall, located in central California where the Water Wonders line was originated. These water fountains are a truly unique, engaging and an elegant addition to any indoor space. Redesigned, the Double Nojoqui Falls fountain includes long-lasting super bright white LED lights rated for over 10,000 hours of use and an ergonomic finger slide remote control to easily dim or brighten the white LED lights or turn them on and off.

    This water fountain glistens as water sheets over the dual genuine multi-color Indian Rajah Slate panels flowing past polished river rocks creating a soothing sound and beautiful focal point for any room. This fountain is engineered with clog-free, splash-free design and features the Water Wonders SlateTech™ genuine light weight slate. Each fountain is hand painted to recreate the beautiful hand-chipped edge so characteristic of the much admired solid stone slabs. Our Lightweight slate fountains offer all the beauty of solid slate but only a fraction of the weight. Installation is super easy with the lightweight nature of the slate panel. Simply hang on the wall per the instructions.

    Instant wow factor from it’s sheer size! Nearly five feet tall and over four feet wide, this wall mounted fountain makes its presence felt and will instantly create an relaxing oasis in any living room, foyer, office or lobby. These indoor water falls come with a choice of four finishes


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