New Vo Interiors

Sell your furniture

Are you looking to sell your surplus office furniture or idle corporate assets to reduce expenses?

Is your company moving and you’re buying new office furniture and you need to liquidate your existing office furniture?

If you need new office furnishings call NewVo Interiors.

Do you want to liquidate your furniture with the fewest hassles so you can focus on the business of your business? So you don’t want to spend all your time taking photos, and posting ads on Craig’s List only to have them flagged as soon as you post?

Do you want to get rid of all your furniture at a fixed selling cost so you can move on with the peace of mind of knowing the cost?

Are you tired of trying to price out your furniture only to have some Craig’s List respondent spam you with a fraud or job opportunity to work for free or for them or worse yet to send you a virus?

Tired of waiting around for the Craig’s list buyer to come and see the furniture only to have a no show?

Did you sell your furniture to a fly by night guy who came in and cherry picked your goods, never paid you and now he in missing?

Did you sell your furniture and they never paid for it or showed up and now you have to pay big money to get it out of the space or have the landlord access at your cost and additional rent?

Did you sell your office furniture to some person and they damaged the building and they were not insured so your company had to pay for the damage?

Did you sell your furniture and find that you were in a Union building and the buyer can not get the UNION LABOR AND THEY WERE STOPPED FROM REMOVING IT?

Do you want to deal with the expert who will come in and offer you one price to remove all the contents on time and with all the insurance required to do the Job?

You want to call Jack The Liquidator he will do the job. We can Liquidate your furniture in large lots in any state. 603-689-4557